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🍓🍌 The time is now to make a change. Over the past year and a half, the b
The time is now to make a change. Over the past year and a half, the boys have stopped interacting with us as often. Many fans are feeling discouraged and some even think that the boys don’t love them anymore, and they have every reason to feel that way. The boys RARELY interact with us and that is a major problem. Attached to this post, you will see our goals of this initiative and what we want fixed as LIMELIGHTS. We need to show the boys that this is something we are passionate about and that we will not simply be silenced by one of them liking this post. No, we need all FIVE of them to do their share in interaction AND promotion. At the end of the day, us fans are what keep them running and they simply do NOT show us as much appreciation as we should be getting. Based on the philosophy of fans and artist being “equal”, the plan is for all to be happy. However, how are the fans and artists equal if the artists pay the fans absolute DUST? This fandom in particular has a major problem and it stems from pure jealousy: jealousy of others getting notices simply because THE BOYS DO NOT NOTICE US AND OUR EFFORTS ENOUGH PERIOD. WE DONT MEAN FOR THEM TO LIKE POSTS OCCASIONALLY, WE MEAN DAILY OR AT THE VERY LEAST EVERY OTHER DAY. The excuse that “the boys are busy” is complete bs and we mean this with utmost respect. We literally see them partying, out and about, on planes for hours (with wifi), in Ubers, in between interviews, backstage, laying in bed, etc. The amount of interaction we get from all 5 is pathetic, especially from ⅘ of the members. Following fans from the band account is not hard, unfollowing inactive fanpages is not hard, following REAL fans is not hard. It’s time that we voice our opinions because we dedicate our lives to these 5 boys. If you want to help, simply repost, share, tag them, anything. The B.O.M.B group is not going down until we get results tags: #arianagrande #photoedits #arianagrandeedit #arianator #arianators #likeforlikes #whydontweimagines #imagines #whydontwetextsimagine #followforfollowback #whydontwe #zachherron #summermckeen #photoedits #photoediting #jonahmarais #icons #iconedit #pfps #billieeilish #textimagines #whydontwetexts Смотреть полностью
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