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Tony Robbins What an honor to have the opportunity to spend the day with my busines
What an honor to have the opportunity to spend the day with my business partner, the legendary Bill Gross.🥇Bill has personally started and exited from 7 COMPANIES valued at more than $1 BILLION — he is truly one of the GREATEST unicorn founders of ALL TIME. Bill’s been starting businesses since he was 12 years old selling candy at the Jr. High bus stop. 🍭🚌 The month he graduated from Caltech, IBM released the PC and Bill created H.A.L., a natural language interface which Lotus Development acquired for $10 Million. 💽 Inspired by his son entering Kindergarten in 1991, Bill started the education software company Knowledge Adventure which was acquired by Vivendi in 1995 for $90 Million. 🤑 . Bill looks for opportunities that are BIG and broken and then brainstorms technology solutions to fix them. Twenty-three years ago, he started Idealab. During its more than two decades, Idealab has started more than 150 companies, created more than 10,000 jobs, and had more than 45 successful IPOs and acquisitions. Few tech entrepreneurs found ONE “unicorn” — a tech company with a market valuation of over $1 billion. Bill Gross has started and exited from 7 and has another one brewing in our active portfolio called Energy Vault which just won Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards in Energy.🥇 . Bill may make success look easy to come by, but the truth is, not all of Bill’s companies are successful. Of the 150 companies he created, 60 closed or did not succeed. But just like all GOATs, Bill gets rewarded in public for what he does in private. Get this — Bill creates a new company idea EVERY single day. Now that’s BUSINESS #MASTERY ! We are going to talk about this and more in August when Bill joins me on stage at #BusinessMastery Las Vegas. Click the link in bio to learn more about this #businessbootcamp ! 📈 . Bill, thank you for the impact you are making in the world. So much love and respect for you, brother. You are the best at turning ideas into reality and I am excited to partner with you at @idealabny as we launch and support startups that are developing disruptive solutions to significant problems that humanity faces. 🔥👊💯😎 . #GOAT #innovation #idealab Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins Quick stop at the state-of-the-art Stem Cell Institute in Panama City,
Panama City, Panama
Quick stop at the state-of-the-art Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama 🇵🇦 where I received the transformative benefits of stem cell therapy. (And check out this view! 👀) I’ve shared before that #stemcells worked wonders for my shoulder after struggling with excruciating pain and doctors telling me there was no other option other than rotator cuff surgery and a long rehab and recovery. Can you imagine me slowing down for 6+ months!!? LOL 😂🙅🏻‍♂️ . Stem cell treatment is a next-level medical solution with the potential to make a massive impact on human health and longevity. It truly has the potential to save MILLIONS of lives! I believe so strongly in the power of this life-changing innovation that I’ve committed and invested in bringing this LIFE FORCE to everyone who needs it — more details coming soon. We had a wonderful experience, as always, thank you, Panama City! Your people are so kind and beautiful.🙏 . We are deeply grateful for the brilliant and caring doctors and medical staff in for the life-changing work that you do serving patients of all ages and from all over the globe to come here for treatment! . ✈️Next stop, #Chicago ! Will we be seeing you at the @unitedcenter on Friday?❤️😎 #panamacity #stemcell #regenerativemedicine #stemcellinstitutepanama Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins “The flaws in my past make me so grateful for my life today. I have
“The flaws in my past make me so grateful for my life today. I have compassion for mankind, but also myself. My life today is all about love. If I died today, I’d have to write a check that I was overpaid.” — @miketyson What a joy to reconnect with my friend, Mike Tyson. Most people don’t know that I worked with Mike 21 years ago right after the incident with Holyfield’s ear. To know Mike is to understand that his history is filled with pain—inducing hurt in others & being hurt by others! When you learn his story you develop a level of understanding & compassion for all humans & see how we can be conditioned to behave completely different than our true SPIRIT & SOUL. Mike’s journey began growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods with one of the roughest childhoods imaginable. He dropped out of school at 7, by 13 he had been arrested 38 times, & at 16 his mother died. Mike was trained, hypnotized & rewarded for damaging other human beings & he became a “beast” by his own description. Decades later, he has completely transformed his life. Whenever I'm asked by the media "Who is the most interesting person you’ve met, worked with, or coached" the first people that come to mind are Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa & various presidents of countries. But I've always told people that one of the most interesting 1st meetings I had was with Iron Mike. I was blown away to see this man, supposedly a total beast, show a different side. Did you know that he's an avid reader of philosophy & psychology? During our time together he often quoted Nietzsche & Machiavelli, the Bhagavad Gita, Bible & Qur’an. While in prison he transformed himself. The warden said he ended the war between African-American, Caucasian & Hispanic gangs & unified them by saying “No one out there cares for us. We have to care for one another.” Amazing! He told me about a white power skinhead consumed by rage, trying to harm him & others. I asked, why do you think people are like that? He said, "They want power because they don't have any love. The worst think they'll never really have it.” Incredible insight! Mike, thank you for sharing your journey with us. We felt your power, we felt your LOVE. Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins This #EarthDay, we honor those who are working tirelessly to protect o
This #EarthDay , we honor those who are working tirelessly to protect our planet and create a #sustainable world today and for generations to come. 🌎💚 . Last year, we began working with an extraordinary organization called Trees for the Future. 🌳Now celebrating their 30th year of changing lives, @treesforthefuture is using the power of planting trees to deter deforestation and land degradation, reduce the impact of climate change, and scale food and water access to some of the poorest and desertified regions in Sub-Saharan Africa. By planting specific types of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner over a four-year period, families are given the opportunity to positively change their lives forever. 🌽🥬 For example, many farmers in these regions go from earning $1.25 a day and barely surviving to earning more than $10 a day when water is also included. In the last two years, we’ve planted 10 MILLION trees, and I’m committed to planting 100 MILLION TREES over the next few years. 🌳🌳🌳 Would you like to join me? For the next month, I’ll DOUBLE your impact by MATCHING YOUR DONATIONS up to $300,000. Tap the link in bio to learn more. Together, we can end hunger, poverty, and deforestation. 🤝🌍❤ . Leave a comment and let me know what you are doing today to honor and care for this beautiful #BluePlanet we’re privileged to call Home. 💙🏡🌏 . #EarthDay #EarthDay2019 #PlantToStay #treesforthefuture Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins Sage and Tony here sending out love, light, and blessings to all of ou
Sage and Tony here sending out love, light, and blessings to all of our friends on Instagram and beyond. We are grateful for all the beautiful ways that we have the privilege to UNITE and COME TOGETHER in our modern world. It’s meaningful to connect with you all here on this glorious day. Whatever our faith, whatever country we were born in, whatever shade of skin we may have, the one thing that universally connects us ALL is the currency of LOVE. May the renewal of spring bless you and your loved ones, may your day be filled with joy, ease, and peace in your being. Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!  Happy beautiful day of life to ALL our brothers and sisters on this path, today and always. 🌷 Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins Someone captured a video of me from my early childhood! Lol! 😂 Hats
Someone captured a video of me from my early childhood! Lol! 😂 Hats off to this young man who is wise beyond his years! ❤️💯😎 . #youcandoanything #believeinyourself Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins We had fun with #25things you don’t know about me in #USWeekly. My s
We had fun with #25things you don’t know about me in #USWeekly . My slushee secrets are out! Did anything surprise you? I KNOW you cry watching @nbcthisisus too, don’t you??!! 😅😂😎❤️ . Thanks @usweekly ! Click the link in bio to read all 25. 😜 Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins Excited to share that my dear friend and partner @pitbull and I are op
Excited to share that my dear friend and partner @pitbull and I are opening a brand new boxing studio GRIT BXING 🥊 this June in New York City! #NY @gritbxng will provide a space and experience unlike any other — learn more about it at tonyr.co/GritBXNG. Pit and I will be serving as investors and brand advisors and I couldn’t be more thrilled to help bring this vision to life alongside one of the most energetic, driven, and passionate souls who I’m honored to call a friend. #GRITBXNG #OwnYourGRIT #GroupFitness . . . . . Photo Credit (#1 ): @gettyimages Photo Credit (#3 ): @gritbxng Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins Hats off to Tiger on his remarkable comeback — a triumph at #TheMast
Hats off to Tiger on his remarkable comeback — a triumph at #TheMasters ! ⛳️🏌🏾‍♂️🏆 The 14-year gap between his 2005 victory at Augusta and the title on Sunday is the longest in Masters history. Now that’s #MASTERY !! . Twenty-two years ago, at age 21 he became the YOUNGEST Masters #CHAMPION . This weekend at age 43,  Tiger became the second-OLDEST man to win a green jacket. #relentless He’s played with pain, through pain AND for the first time in his career, Tiger came from behind to win this major. C’mon!  TW, you are an inspiration to everyone who has ever DEFIED THE ODDS and found a way to victory in the face of doubt. I loved @tigerwoods ’ answer when asked to share a message to people who are struggling. He said, “Well, you never give up. That’s a given. You always fight. Giving up’s never in the equation.” 👏💯👊🔥 . To see you there wrapped in the arms of your Mom, your son Charlie, and daughter, Sam. After that image from 1997 of your dad hugging you after your FIRST Masters win. You grew up in the sport. Tiger, thank you for your persistence, your determination, and your unwillingness to give up! 🙏💪🥇 . We thank you for all the years you’ve given us out there. Pure magic! Loved seeing my friend @M_phelps00 cheering you on like so many of us from our couches! You are an #UNSHAKEABLE example of POSSIBILITY and the lengths we are capable of as humans. Congratulations. This one is extra special. Blessings to you, brother!! #tigerwoods #comeback #pgatour #golf #GOAT Video Credit: @skratchtv Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins 🔥 A huge THANK YOU and shoutout to my dear friend WILL.I.AM 🔺
London, United Kingdom
🔥 A huge THANK YOU and shoutout to my dear friend WILL.I.AM 🔺 “I AM MY ENERGY.” 🔺who flew to London to surprise our audience there at #UPW with a private performance this weekend! This man defines UNSTOPPABLE -- he’s a relentless #ENTREPRENEUR , a 7x #GRAMMY award winning ARTIST and frontman of the Black Eyed Peas @bep , AUTHOR, philanthropist and founder of i.am.angel. 💥🙌 😇🎤 This man is a living, breathing example of BEING a force for GOOD. He’s wicked intelligent and talented and we’re so grateful that he shared his passion, principles, and ENERGY with us in London. The two of us were together last month in Dubai 🇦🇪 for the #WorldGovSummit which brings diverse leaders and thinkers together to create solutions for a better world for EVERYbody. @IAMwill reminds us of the ULTIMATE lesson I teach in every single book and seminar alike -- The SECRET to LIVING is GIVING!!!! will.i.am focuses on GIVING his ENERGY, his LOVE, his HEART and SOUL in EVERYTHING he’s a part of. “Leave NOTHING on the table and live life to the fullest.” 🗯 . 🎶 “I’m Alive, I’m Alive, I’m Alive. And I’m loving every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger, power” -- @iamwill Thank you for the honor and privilege of sharing such an incredible, unforgettable evening with us, brother! ❤🎵😎 🌏🤝 Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins This past week in London was absolutely spectacular! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥
ExCeL London
This past week in London was absolutely spectacular! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👊💥 We had 12,000 beautiful souls in attendance from 68 countries, and 9 languages translated simultaneously. Incredible!! 🙌 That’s 12,000 lives transformed and ready to take MASSIVE ACTION, create breakthroughs, and ultimately, be a FORCE FOR GOOD in this world. ❤️🌎 I am so grateful to everyone for showing up, doing the work, and playing FULL OUT. I am honored and humbled to witness thousands of people become more true to themselves, tapping into their inner strength and unleashing their power. I am so grateful to be part of your journey – is an absolute privilege to serve in this world 💕🌎 . And a HUGE thank you to our surprise guest and my friend, will.i.am @iamwill who flew all the way out here to join us  for an evening — you moved us with your inspiring speech and truly delighted us with an unforgettable performance. 🎶🤜🤛 . ❓Were you here at the @excellondon with us? Leave a comment and let me know what your goals are as you leave this event. How has it touched your life? What area of your life will YOU take to the next level? Our next UPW will be in Dallas this July! I look forward to seeing many of you there! #TonyRobbinsUPW #UPW #UnleashThePowerWithin #lifewillneverbethesame 📸: @millakuhto Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins My good friend @drsanjaygupta has been traveling the world looking for
My good friend @drsanjaygupta has been traveling the world looking for places where people live longer, happier lives than anywhere else on the planet. 🌍😊❤ Sanjay has experienced and immersed himself in a variety of interesting health practices and now he’s sharing them with us in his new series of films. He Chases Life all over the world, and I think he ultimately finds it! Join his adventure. #ChasingLifeCNN premieres TONIGHT, Saturday April 13, at 9p ET/PST on @cnn — you’ll love it! Congratulations, my friend! We’re looking forward to watching the series! Смотреть полностью
Tony Robbins
💥 Business Mastery💥 Las Vegas, NV | August 7 - 11, 2019 . 💪Take your business to the next level!📈 . ⬇️ Learn More ⬇️