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DOMㄣ⃒ Top 15 Hip Hop Producers of All Time———————————
Top 15 Hip Hop Producers of All Time —————————————————————————— 15. No ID 14. Slauson Malone 13. The Alchemist 12. Q-Tip 11. Nujabes 10. Dr. Dre 9. Pete Rock 8. 9th Wonder 7. El-P 6. Kno of Cunninlynguists 5. Kanye West 4. RZA 3. J Dilla 2. Madlib 1. DJ Premier Thoughts? Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ All Amerikkkan Bada$$, by Joey Bada$$ Tracklist Ranking12. Devastate
All Amerikkkan Bada$$, by Joey Bada$$ Tracklist Ranking 12. Devastated [6/10] 11. Good Morning Amerikkka [6.5/10] 10. Super Predator (feat. Styles P) [7/10] 9. Legendary (feat. J Cole) [8/10] 8. Ring The Alarm (feat. Meechy Darko, Kirk Knight, & Nyck Caution) [8/10] 7. For My People [8.5/10] 6. Land of the Free [8.5/10] 5. Amerikkkan Idol [8.5/10] 4. Y U Don’t Love Me (Miss Amerikkka) [9/10] 3. Rockabye Baby (feat. Schoolboy Q) [9.5/10] 2. Temptation [9.5/10] 1. Babylon (feat. Chronixx) [9.5/10] AABA, in my opinion, is consistent as they come. Nothing really stands out as a true 10/10 masterpiece but every track has its own thing going for it. Probably my least favorite Joey record but there are some signs of artistic growth with this one Album Rating: 8.8/10 Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ Red Burns, by Standing on the Corner———————————
Red Burns, by Standing on the Corner —————————————————————————— Release Date: September 15, 2017 Genre: Sound Collage, Abstract Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Avant-garde Jazz, Spoken Word, Hypnagogic Pop If I was to describe this album in one phrase it’d be: A musical rollercoaster. Thats rather cliche but Slauson Malone and Gio Escobar put together one of the most versatile records infusing elements of experimental hip hop, neo soul, spoken word, and avant-garde jazz in ways the world has never seen. Every second is thoughtfully crafted musical genius and every listen is its own journey. I cant really explain this albums greatness. You just need to listen to it. Again and again because I promise you’ll find a newfound appreciation with every listen. Not only is this one of the most interesting albums ever but one of the greatest ever made. Album Rating: 10/10 Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ Top 15 R&B/Soul Albums of The Decade imo—————————
Top 15 R&B/Soul Albums of The Decade imo ——————————————————————— 15. Dirty Computer, by Janelle Monae (8.4) 14. A Seat At The Table, by Solange (8.4) 13. Cocoa Sugar, by Young Fathers (8.4) 12. Negro Swan, by Blood Orange (8.5) 11. Love & Hate, by Michael Kiwanuka (8.5) 10. CTRL, by SZA (8.6) 9. American Love Call, by Durand Jones & The Indications (8.7) 8. Freudian, by Daniel Caesar (8.7) 7. Channel Orange, by Frank Ocean (9) 6. Isolation, by Kali Uchis (9) 5. Black Messiah, by D‘Angelo & The Vanguard (9.2) 4. Malibu, by Anderson.Paak (9.3) 3. The ArchAndroid, by Janelle Monae (9.4) 2. Endless, by Frank Ocean (10) 1. Blonde, by Frank Ocean (10) What are your thoughts on the list? Whats your top 5? Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ At the time I’m writing this, Dwyane Wade has 2 regular season games
At the time I’m writing this, Dwyane Wade has 2 regular season games left in his career. A career that has lasted 16 years (14 1/2 with the Miami Heat), 3 championships, a Finals MVP, 13 All Star appearances, 2 All NBA 1st Teams and 3 2nd Teams. Ever since Wade came into the league in 2003 he’s had the ability to score, defend, play-make, and finish games that very few SGs have been able to reach. And those names are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Not only is he of the greatest players of all time, he’s also impacted me in ways thats really hard to explain. Ever since I started watching sports in 2008, Wade has always been my favorite athlete and its never been close. I remember being a little kid and just wanting to watch Dwyane Wade play everyday. I used to ask myself what would the NBA be like without Wade and I really couldn’t imagine how it’d be because it seemed so far away but here we are now. The thing is it didn’t really hit me til i was looking at these videos. He was there for me from 2008, when I was 8 and has been here for so long you almost take it for granted. Being from Miami, where superstars leave after a couple years because the orgs are trash, I wish I would’ve appreciated it more. Now, I’m almost 19 and I just wanna say: Thank You, Dwyane Wade. Thanks for the loyalty and amazing career. There’s no one else I’d rather have embody the city of Miami. #3 Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ In honor of 4/7, here are 9 of my favorite STEEZ verses/freestyles.
In honor of 4/7, here are 9 of my favorite STEEZ verses/freestyles. ————————————————————————— These aren’t necessarily his best songs or best verses. For me, it’s almost impossible to choose. It’s crazy how much great music STEEZ put out in only a couple years of rapping. To this day I still can’t believe he’s not with. He was one of the most gifted rappers of all time and a brilliant mind gone way too soon at the hands of himself. Nevertheless, I appreciate the message he pushed 24/7 while he was alive. And there’s only a handful of people in this world who have impacted as much as Capital STEEZ. In Honor of the Pro STEEZ, We PROceed #47tilinfinity Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Man That is Shattered by Anxiety, Self Ha
A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Man That is Shattered by Anxiety, Self Hatred, and Heartbreak. ——————————————————————————— Hi How Are You: The Unfinished Album, by Daniel Johnston Daniel Johnston was in the midst of a nervous breakdown, while in a major depressive episode, when he decided to just vent his emotions into a tape recorder. He didn’t care about making a well produced pop record. He used his music as a way to cope with all the obstacles he’s faced in life. This makes everything on the album seem 100% authentic. About half the songs on this album are completely unfinished but in a way that truly brings out the beauty in Lo-Fi music. Everything on this album was done on purpose. The raw, unfiltered emotions Johnston conveys in the project from the barebones production to the somber lyrics just makes this one of most beautifully dark albums I’ve ever heard. Not only do I think this is an objective masterpiece, it also is special to me because its all too relatable. ‘Hi How Are You’ is depression in a nutshell. The structure of the album is way too real for me. 14/15 songs are about self loathing, anxiety, and heartbreak, and the final track finally carries some optimism but in the end it all just goes back to the beginning. “Poor You” Favorite Tracks: Despair Came Knocking, I Am A Baby (In My Universe), Desperate Man Blues, Hey Joe, Walking The Cow 10 Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ “I’m not going there to die. I’m going there to see if i’m rea
“I’m not going there to die. I’m going there to see if i’m really alive” - Spike Spiegel ———————————————————— We’ve all got a past. Some embrace it. Some forget about it. And, some live everyday with it like a monkey on its back. As you go through Cowboy Bebop you realize each of Spike, Jet, and Faye’s pasts make up pretty much the entire story. You’re introduced to these characters with absolutely no backstory. Based off the first few episodes you think Spike, Jet, and Faye are a group of badass bounty hunters and don’t think about what they really have gone through. First I’ll start off with Jet. Jet is has a rugged, stern look and a rather serious attitude. He’s the father figure for the whole bebop crew. But, behind that serious look you find out his live has been riddled with heartbreak and betrayal. He had a girlfriend leave him out of the blue, but always maintained hope that it’d eventually work out, and he was betrayed by his long time ISSP partner leading him to where his in the show. At first, when you see Faye Valentine you think she is just a con woman that’d do anything to get her way. Which is true, but in reality she’s finding meaning. Faye was cryogenically frozen for over 50 years after an accident and woke up with serious amnesia, leaving her past completely unknown. She was plagued with debt and obtained trust issues that led her to be the way that we first encounter her. Then, throughout the show she spends a bunch of her time looking for hints of her past til she finally finds it and coming to the realization that she’s alone in the world. And, finally Spike. Spike is living off his past. He claims to have been killed by a woman on many occasions in the show. His life was pretty much over when he couldn’t get the girl of his dreams, Julia. This is probably what led to his carefree nature. Vicious, the main antagonist, was the reason why he couldn’t get her so Spike wanted revenge. It wasn’t til Session 12 where Spike realized Julia was still alive and finally found a purpose. But, until he got her he knew he wasn’t escaping the endless purgatory that was his life. CONTINUE IN COMMENTS Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ What artist(s) got you into hip hop?———————————
What artist(s) got you into hip hop? ————————————————————————— For me, music was never really something i truly cared about when i was younger. If i was listening to something it’d almost always be something that was being overplayed on the radio. Up until late 2014 i only listened to pop. Drake, Lil Wayne, and post 2008 Em was the only hip hop i had ever listened to. But then i found myself randomly scrolling the Rap Caviar, the most popular Rap playlist on Spotify, and kinda got into the genre there. One thing I remember was listening to a song by Joey Bada$$ named ‘Paper Trail$’. It was one of my favorite songs for a while but i had no clue who Joey was. The song eventually got played out for me but around January/February 2015, i listened to it again and I regained my love for it but this time i finally decided to check out the album it was from, ‘B4.DA.$$’, which was the first time i had ever listened to an album and i don’t know what it was but i loved absolutely every track. I had been listening to that album for about a month straight when i decided to research Joey and his work which led to me to the Survival Tactics MV and when i first heard it i was amazed at how this wasn’t popular and just couldn’t get enough of it. I listened to 1999, Amerikkkan Korruption, and PEEP after and that was pretty much all i listened to for about a year. Then, in 2016 i began listening to a lot of UA, FBZ, and J Cole on top of all the PE. I didn’t really expand my taste til I began following this community around June 2017. Ima be honest and say I hated TPAB until this com made me realize how truly beautiful it was. From then on I feel like I have expanded my hip hop taste/knowledge rather quickly and it was all because of this community. Know, I’m venturing out to other genres and pursuing a career in music. When i first listened to Paper Trail$ only 4 years ago i never thought music would mean this much to me. In the end I want to thank this community and everyone reading this I’d like to shoutout some of the pages that showed me how great music really is from 2017 to now: @jazz.wave @thedanemcintosh @slumpsoldier @1999waves @wizardsarchive @onlybuilt4rap Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ If You’re Reading This It’s Too LateBy: DrakeReleased: February
If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late By: Drake Released: February 12, 2015 Genre: Pop Rap, Contemporary R&B Notable Features: Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, PARTYNEXTDOOR ————————————————————————— Drake, coming off his two extremely successful albums ‘Take Care’ and ‘Nothing Was The Same’, seemed to have peeked and gotten everything he had ever wanted. But no, Drake was hungrier than ever. The project opens up with ‘Legend’, a laid back braggadocio rap where Drake claims to already be one of the greats. Drake then goes on probably the best stretch of his career from Energy to No Tellin just absolutely murdering the rap game with banger after banger. Which is exactly what this album is: banger after banger with Drake being the hungriest he’s ever been. One of the more laid back tracks, ‘Jungle’, is Drake’s best love song featuring amazing vocals from Drake and sample on the chorus with somber lyrics about a how it’s extremely difficult to keep a relationship going while living the life of a celebrity. In the end, it’s clear what Drake was trying to do with this project and that was to officially take over the rap game. Mission successful. Legend: 7.5/10 Energy: 9/10 10 Bands: 9/10 Know Yourself: 10/10 No Tellin’: 10/10 Madonna: 7/10 6 God: 7.5/10 Star67: 8/10 Preach: 8.5/10 Wednesday Night Interlude: 6/10 Used To: 9.5/10 6 Man: 10/10 Now & Forever: 6/10 Company: 7/10 You & The 6: 7.5/10 Jungle: 10/10 6PM In New York: 10/10 —————————————————————————— Album Rating: 8.4/10 Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ Wolf, by Tyler, The Creator Tracklist Ranking ————————
Wolf, by Tyler, The Creator Tracklist Ranking ———————————————————————— 18. Tamale (5/10) 17. Treehome95 (5.5/10) 16. Trashwang (6.5/10) 15. WOLF (6.5/10) 14. Lone (7/10) 13. Domo23 (7.5/10) 12. PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer (8/10) 11. Parking Lot (8.5/10) 10. Cowboy (8.5/10) 9. Awkward (9/10) 8. Pigs (9/10) 7. Jamba (9.5/10) 6. IFHY (10/10) 5. Slater (10/10) 4. Rusty (10/10) 3. Colossus(10/10) 2. 48 (10/10) 1. Answer (10/10) ———————————————————————— What do you think about the ranking? What are some of your favorites? Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ Blonde, by Frank Ocean Tracklist Ranking—————————
Blonde, by Frank Ocean Tracklist Ranking ———————————————————————— 14. Solo (Reprise) (10/10) 13. Close To You (10/10) 12. Futura Free (10/10) 11. Godspeed (10/10) 10. Skyline To (10/10) 9. Pretty Sweet (10/10) 8. Ivy (10/10) 7. Solo (10/10) 6. White Ferrari (10/10) 5. Self Control (10/10) 4. Nikes (10/10) 3. Pink + White (10/10) 2. Nights (10/10) 1. Siegfried (10/10) ———————————————————————— What y’all think about the ranking? What are your favorite off the album? Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ Atrocity Exhibition, by Danny Brown Tracklist Ranking—————
Atrocity Exhibition, by Danny Brown Tracklist Ranking ———————————————————————— 15. Golddust (7/10) 14. Downward Spiral (8.5/10) 13. Dance In The Water (9/10) 12. Today (9/10) 11. From The Ground (9.5/10) 10. Hell For It (10/10) 9. Get Hi (10/10) 8. Really Doe (10/10) 7. When It Rain (10/10) 6. White Lines (10/10) 5. Tell Me What I Don’t Know (10/10) 4. Lost (10/10) 3. Pneumonia (10/10) 2. Ain’t It Funny (10/10) 1. Rolling Stone (10/10) ———————————————————————— What y’all think of the list? What are your top 3 tracks? Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ The Roots Discography Ranked—————————————
The Roots Discography Ranked —————————————————————— 11. Organix (6.2/10) 10. ...and then you shoot your cousin (6.6/10) 9. The Tipping Point (7/10) 8. Do You Want More?!!?! (8.1/10) 7. Phrenology (8.8/10) 6. How I Got Over (9/10) 5. Rising Down (9.1/10) 4. Game Theory (9.4/10) 3. Undun (9.7/10) 2. Things Fall Apart (9.7/10) 1. Illadelph Halflife (10/10) Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ Top 15 SATURATION Trilogy Songs————————————
Top 15 SATURATION Trilogy Songs ——————————————————————— 15. SWIM 14. JOHNNY 13. SWEET 12. BOYS 11. QUEER 10. FACE 9. JUNKY 8. HEAT 7. GOLD 6. RENTAL 5. SISTER/NATION 4. GUMMY 3. BLEACH 2. MILK 1. TOKYO Смотреть полностью
DOMㄣ⃒ B4.DA.$$By: Joey Bada$$Released: January 20, 2015Genre: East Coast
B4.DA.$$ By: Joey Bada$$ Released: January 20, 2015 Genre: East Coast Hip Hop/Boom Bap/Hardcore Hip Hop Notable Features: Dyemond Lewis, Raury, Maverick Sabre, BJ The Chicago Kid, Chronixx ——————————————————————— Coming off his breakout mixtape, 1999, people were worried Joey would just be stuck in the past with that old school New York Hip Hop sound. Joey was tasked with bringing on a more mature, modern sound with his debut album. Joey did not disappoint. B4DA$$ has everything you can want from a NY album. Its got hard hitting grimy bangers that NY is known for like Christ Conscious, No. 99, and Big Dusty to more laid back tunes like Like Me, Piece of Mind, and On & On. On top of that, Joey brings lyrical abilities that almost no one in this rap game can touch. B4DA$$ is New York Hip Hop at its finest and one of the best projects of the decade. Save The Children: 8.5/10 Greenbax (interlude): - Paper Trail$: 10/10 Piece of Mind: 8.5/10 Big Dusty: 10/10 Hazeus View: 9.5/10 Like Me: 9.5/10 Belly of the Beast: 7.5/10 No. 99: 9.5/10 Christ Conscious: 10/10 On & On: 9.5/10 Escape 120: 6.5/10 Black Beetles: 8.5/10 O.C.B.: 8/10 Curry Chicken: 8.5/10 ——————————————————————— ALBUM RATING: 9.3/10 Смотреть полностью
In Honor of The Pro STEEZ We PROceed... Personal: @dom.amaro47