16.05.2019 21:43
19.05.2019 21:21
Omg your so good I got literal chills
19.05.2019 21:23
@coshlemp thank u so much 💜
19.05.2019 20:45
@angelthroam Quit hating.
19.05.2019 20:22
Amazing. ❤️ Keep working on it.
19.05.2019 20:23
@_m.and.i_ np ❤️
19.05.2019 20:22
@amelia.k._ thank u❤️
19.05.2019 17:43
ayo this is beautiful
19.05.2019 12:34
@sekhmet_._ oh my lord thank u so much! And I will defo take u up on ur advice offer! I would love to be able to do some really smoother runs and be able to sing acapella in a consistent key
19.05.2019 06:08
This is amazing
19.05.2019 03:38
Ure voice is very nice. I'd recommend u practicing more on u're key changes. The voice itself is very beautiful love ❤️❤️ keep up the good work. I am also a singer so if you need any assistance or additional help with runs and staying In key I would b more than welcome to help u
19.05.2019 18:18
@_m.and.i_ np love ure voice is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
19.05.2019 12:33
@sekhmet_._ thank u so much ❤️ and oh my lord that would be amazing! I would honestly like to do smoother and more versatile runs, as well as sing in a consistent key acapella so I'll defo take ur advice offer!😊 Thank u again
19.05.2019 03:44
@sekhmet_._ in addition to this, I keep replaying u're vid, I'd also recommend u to maybe go an octave or two lower so you aren't straining u're voice. Sometimes going too high can cause u to go out of tune
18.05.2019 21:26
bro how tf do you change key every second and not realise
19.05.2019 06:08
@angelthroam Her voice is still amazing
17.05.2019 20:22
the key changed a lot lot of times but other than that 🤩
17.05.2019 02:45
beautiful 👌 😋
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