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Billie Eilish is The Third Face Of Issue 26.06.2018 Interview: Steph Kretowicz Photography: Bella Howard Fashion: Samantha Burkhart Creative Direction: Rob Meyers ________________________________________________________ Freedom requires fearlessness. To do what others haven’t done, and to go where others haven’t gone calls for a bold spirit, someone whose self-awareness hasn’t been encumbered by the accepted orders of our culture, or ground down by its monotony. The summer issue of Clash is dedicated to those artists who embrace the privilege of liberty, and little offers more fearlessness than the audacity of youth. The third of this issue’s four cover stars is the dark-hearted teen pop queen, Billie Eilish. The unconventional Californian prodigy brazenly exposes the scowling, pensive side of adolescence, juxtaposing shimmering and ethereal cuts of pop profundity with the glaring demeanour of a teenage tearaway. Clash sat down with Billie one LA morning to chat memorable memes, family affairs, and that time she was patted on the head by Lana Del Rey. “It was very adorable,” the 16-year-old admits. “I wouldn’t let anyone else pat me on the head but it was her, so I was cool.” Billie Eilish stars in Issue 108 with Anderson .Paak, Troye Sivan, The Spice Girls, Kris Wu, Buddy, Gaika, Bad Gyal, Yungen, Ravyn Lenae, Peter Buck, and much more. Final cover arrives tomorrow… ________________________________________________________ billie#billieeilish #billieeilishphoto #ilovebillieeilish #ilovebillie #billieeilishart #billieeilishedit #billieeilishfanpage #photography #photographer #woman #future #losangeles #whenweallfallasleepwheredowego #wherearetheavocados #songs #billieeilishmusic #billieeilishfanpage #music #billieeilishfan # @billieeilish @blohsh @finneas @maggiembaird

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love this! (and billie) so much😍 follow for follow?💕
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