05.04.2019 01:36

Alright my champion that’s great work today, I’ll catch you next session... What goes around comes around I guess 😂

06.04.2019 19:03
someone can't stand his loss 💩
07.04.2019 22:42
Teaching him how to tap tap chicken shit 👊🏼
More photos with ConorJr please!!!
Future Champion!👑❤️🇮🇪
05.04.2019 02:58
Love it ❤️
09.04.2019 03:11
Kids gonna grow up to be a loud mouth tap out queen
05.04.2019 10:59
Teach him to retire
11.04.2019 18:22
I love you❤, go in my profile
05.04.2019 14:59
What makes you think it is okay to be racist? IT IS NOT OKAY. You are so insecure about others that you feel the need to be racist for attention.
05.04.2019 04:38
If khabib has a son I’m sure he will choke him out too
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