02.04.2019 21:55
03.04.2019 19:16
You can't do anything in the ring against the King so you insult his wife you evil little shit, you got knocked out the spark out while on your feet at your game you rat, Worst Fighter ever
02.04.2019 21:57
Fashion icon🔥
03.04.2019 18:50
Khabib done u in the ring and u still talking shit about him 😂
02.04.2019 21:59
02.04.2019 22:12
Гей или что ?! Не пиши мне больше я такого не принимаю
03.04.2019 23:15
Ты потаскуха you are a slut
03.04.2019 19:18
You are a fucking scumbag and disgrace to MMA
03.04.2019 16:15
Its not okay to just insult someone's wife and religion like you did. I wont curse or say anthing bad at you but like forreal you should say sorry for what you did. Why did you delete that tweet? So that people would forget? Im sorry your a grown men you should think before saying something. Im dissapointed
02.04.2019 22:07
I just want to see McGregor vs. Cowboy 🤠😭
03.04.2019 13:45
Stick to whiskey tap machine
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