02.04.2019 21:37

What an honor to be invited speak alongside the great @tonyrobbins at his home! Thank you so much for your guidance Tony, and to your lovely wife Sage for my blessing! Thank you also to your team of Platinum Lions for their warm welcome! It was an amazing, energy boosting experience, that I am eternally grateful for! I feel inspired and encouraged! Thank you ❤️

02.04.2019 21:38
Fuch the conor!!! Fuck te conor jr !! Fuck the @dillondanis
03.04.2019 00:38
You are the greatest champ....come to germany with @thaddaeuskoroma
03.04.2019 01:34
You’re a legend champ! I see the young king @thaddaeuskoroma and the goat mentor @tonyrobbins all in one room 🙌🏼💯
02.04.2019 21:46
I spot the Legend 👁⚡️👁 @thaddaeuskoroma 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Amazing 🙏🏻 such a strong energy !!!! You definitely have to visit germany 🇩🇪 and on stage together with @thaddaeuskoroma !!!!!!!!!! that would be awesome God bless you 🙏🏻
Did @tonyrobbins make you walk over those hot coals?? 😂🔥
02.04.2019 22:09
It was so good seeing you in our group my man 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 @tonyrobbins is truly the master of masters and you showed him and all of us much respect. I loved your story and how you treated everybody. You are an amazing personality... a role model 💯 May God bless you forever
02.04.2019 22:19
Name one better producer than me lol, ill wait 🤔 @airinn_putrii
02.04.2019 21:40
@thenotoriousmma ❤️❤️
02.04.2019 21:38
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