09.03.2019 23:59

@stephaniedemner shared her #skincare secret: "For me, the GREAT key to perfect skin is to clean it every night before going to sleep with my #LUNA2 😄." ˙ What is your ideal night #skincareroutine ? ˙ 📷: @stephaniedemner ˙ #FOREO #beautifulskin #skincaresecrets #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #instaskincare #skincarecommunity

09.04.2019 06:31
08.04.2019 22:20
16.03.2019 11:29
Nice, we like it :D
16.03.2019 06:15
Luna 2 off course and sometimes call it a night with ufo 🛸
15.03.2019 18:31
@nasserbh1593 @nasserbh1593 Hi, sorry we didn't quite get that. Please DM us and customer care will assist you as soon as they can, thank you :) ~Ashley
15.03.2019 18:16
في عروض ابي جهاز
15.03.2019 18:16
بلعربي ابليز
15.03.2019 04:47
My ideal skincare routine is in under 5 minutes. ;-) Speedy, but thorough.
14.03.2019 19:17
Some times when it's my days off my night is bright with some fofo cleansing some ufo masks and some regular masks and good moisturizing when all is up and down and I'm so exhausted I use my fofo and ufo I put some moisturizer and go directly to sleep 😍
13.03.2019 18:44
Oil cleanser, than micellar mousse massaged in with Luna mini 2 and then serums, oils and creams 🤗
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