08.03.2019 15:22

Hi Girls ! I've been using Foreo luna 2 for almost 2 weeks now and I've noticed a big difference.Ths LUNA 2 by @foreo is one of my favorite part in my skin care Routine daily . LUNA is made of silicone and has very soft bristles that are there to cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin. It comes in 3 colours one for each skin type. --> Pink is for sensitive/normal skin --> Blue is for combination skin --> White is for ultra sensitive skin. While cleansing it generates tiny vibrations which help you get rid of dead- skin cells and excess make-up in turn allowing your moisturizer and serum to get absorbed better and leaving your skin smooth , soft and clean.It is like giving yourself a mini-facial daily. To use,you would apply your cleanser the way you do normally, then wet the l LUNA a bit and start massaging it on your skin in circular motions . It automatically stops vibrating after 3 minutes .So you cannot 'Over Cleanse' your face .As it's 100% water proof you could even use this in the shower.I use it once a day either during the morning or evening ,depending on how much time I have. There are two modes available on the LUNA where the first one is for normal cleansing and the second one is their anti-aging mode.The difference is between the vibrations for sitting .You can also customize these with the + and - buttons .I use the first setting to cleanse my skin and the anti-ageing mode to massage products into my skin. The FOREO LUNA has helped to keep my pores cleaned and skin soft.i also found it to be more sanitary then the other brush cleansers in the market. #foreoluna2 #luna2 @foreo_in @foreouk #skincare #cleanse #skincareroutine #hyderabadblogger #hyderabadbeautyblogger

Colour of you nailpaint is so prettyt! 😍
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Damn nails😍
03.04.2019 11:00
I also have heard some good reviews about it 💯 but your review is very different and informative 😍as
03.04.2019 19:49
@prarthna02 thank you :)
Hey what's the price... I want this 😍❤️
03.04.2019 06:39
This is aamazing product would love to try this💗
03.04.2019 06:21
Wow! Thanks for sharing this information.. this sounds like a boon
Looks amazing. Do they sell internationally in Uk💗
02.04.2019 20:37
Heard a lot about this one
02.04.2019 18:14
This sounds so helpful😍
02.04.2019 15:50
That is beautiful picture💕
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