11.02.2019 09:41

“They gon’ think I won a Grammy” @properwhiskey

30.05.2019 19:16
- Hi. I'm a single mother.. I don't know dad, mom drinks. I ask about the help, Now I live with the girlfriend, the kid needs to be fed, can't go to work , there are no documents which are necessary.all need money, and I ask you, can you help me 42 76 38 01 83 43 73 05
28.05.2019 15:36
Time ta hang up the swill for a bit son, got work ta do. Thanks for getting your head kicked in for my entertainment. It gave me a lot of pride watching your successful career and I look forward to seeing you perform. God bless the straight blast.
13.05.2019 00:29
Hello.I would like to offer you an advertising your products.I have semi trucks with 53 ft long trailers we can put your logo Proper 12 pictures of products.Let me know if you interested
Бля,братан,сильно не нажирайся,мамка дома пизды даст🔥
26.04.2019 23:11
My Goodness
23.04.2019 05:47
دايرها تكيله الشامطط
07.04.2019 02:53
You’re an amazing fighter brotha and damn do you make a killer Irish whiskey. Proper 12 is absolutely amazing!! #fanforlife #proper12
06.04.2019 23:08
is this shit sold in canada
06.04.2019 17:26
Курица 🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐣
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